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Oregon Coastal Flowers
Nice enough to share of piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.
Peonies fresh from the field on the Oregon Coast.
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fresh cut peonies
Fresh Peonies
Assorted Boxes, Pinks, Reds $1.10 when buying 20bch
Straight boxes of white (our specialty) $1.80/stem 

Flowering Cherry - We still have cherry.

pink flowering cherry tree
White & Pink Cherry Trees are in full bloom in the Northwest, but we've stuck a good supply away in tight bud stage to supply your weddings through the spring.

5.30.11 Product Listing

Oregon Coastal Flowers Specialty Flowering Branches
Spring Flowering Branches
Order early to ensure availability
minimum order of each item:  1 bundle (10 bunches)
minimum order for each order:  3 bundles
$3.00/budle bag charge
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PEONIES -- Superior Quality, Large Heads, Fresh
  1/4 box 10bch1/2 box 20bch
Assorted $1.20 $1.10
Straight boxes of white$1.80  
  1 bundle3 bundle
Grandma's Apple Tree Mossy Branches (Lichen & Moss)
 Tips$4.50 $4.00
 Medium$5.50 $5.00